The volcanic terroir

We believe in this spectacular volcanic scenery, set in the very heart of Europe, the Pannonian Basin. To understand the essence of our Volcanic Wines we would need to go back in time, perhaps several million years. Rather than time travel, we can discover the remnants of this past in the wines of these volcanic hills. Volcanic Wines of Pannonia have an identifying character, telling of the place and a rich viniculture past.

Volcanic Wines of Pannonia’s goal is to unite passionate winemakers in an effort to communicate about the virtues of our wine regions and the wines we wish to introduce to broader markets.

Salt of the Earth

Treasures of Pannonia

Pannonia is so much more than just a region in Europe. Since the 6th millenium BC the fertile land of Pannonia has nourished different ethnic groups. For the Romans, their Pannonian province centred on Hungary but also included eastern Austria, southern Slovakia and parts of several Balkan states including Slovenia, Croatia, and  Serbia.

One of the greatest treasures of Pannonia are the volcanic geological formations which have throughout the centuries made Pannonia one of the great wine regions in Europe.